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Young Women in Politics

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta // While the negative experiences of being a woman participating in politics can be horrible, I do try and look at the positives. I believe in the importance of participation in politics.


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Dating and Coming Out

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta // My advice for those who are in a similar situation is that you need to be accepting of yourself. You’re the only one that can define what being a bisexual (or gay or straight) means to you.

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Intersectional Feminism in Music

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Photograph by Jasmine Rubio // Representation of women in the music industry does not only refer to the artists that we listen to. According to The Guardian, 30% of executive roles in the music industry are currently held by women. The industry is still heavily influenced by men both onscreen and behind the scenes.

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Me, My Body and I

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // If it’s hard to know why you are beautiful and should love your body, go and look at yourself in the mirror. Instead of listing things that you hate, list things that you think are unique and that no-one else has.

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ADVICE FORUM: Overwhelmed

Advice by Sinead Simpkins and Aimee Green // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta

Have you ever felt overwhelmed about the future?

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