Sofie Birkin is a British Illustrator currently living in Denver, Colorado with her wife and tragic labrador. By day she’s a professional doodler for a marketing agency, and by night she likes drawing powerful women in gaudy colors. When she’s not glued to her tablet, she’s usually obsessing over midcentury jello, ambient lighting, and Parisian lesbians of the Belle Epoque. You can find Sofie on Instagram @sofiebirkinillustration

Posts contributed to by Sofie Birkin

Living With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Writing by Toni Stanger // Illustration by Sofie Birkin // I tried everything. I tried all the elimination diets, IBS medications, probiotics, psychological therapies, and even yoga. I kept a food and symptom diary for a dietitian, and I ate three small but regular meals a day.

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The Real Cost Of Cheap Clothing

Writing by Hannah Forsdike // Illustration by Sofie Birkin // My hope here is to encourage you to rethink about your relationship with fashion to help save this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home.

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Why Do We Compete?

Writing by Zadie McCracken // Illustration by Sofie Birkin // The way we would hurt each other, accidentally or on purpose.We would make groups and cut each other out of them, spread rumours, scowling, whispering, teasing. It was fun, and intoxicating, and destructive, and dangerous.

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