Sophie is a Beligian-American expat currently living in Toronto. Some of her favourite things include rain, TV shows that make her cry, other people’s birthdays, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Find her on Instagram @sophie_rose_vb and Twitter @svanbastelaer and tell her your stories.

Posts contributed to by Sophie van Bastelaer

The Feminist Future of Film

Interview of Dasola, Emma, Tessa, Sariena, Elena by Sophie Van Bastelear //  Girls supporting other girls and helping them rise. [That’s] a common goal with all human beings, but especially with women and especially in terms of career and being in the industry.

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WHAT’S ON IN YOUR TOWN: TIFF Next Wave Film Festival

Writing by Sophie Van Bastelear // Free movies. Special guests. A full day of industry talks and workshops. The 24-hour Film Challenge (sleep is for the weak). Battle of the Scores. Free WiFi in the building. A fort to hang in between movies. Oh, and did we mention the movies are FREE? What’s not to like?

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I Do Not Consent To President Trump

Writing by Sophie Van Bastelear // Illustration by Freya Bennett // He wants to reject bodies, change bodies, deport bodies, convert bodies, degrade bodies, ignore bodies, use bodies.

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Interview of JoJo by Sophie van Bastelaer // I would change the stereotype that women need to be “rescued” or taken care of by a man, and that in order to be “rescued,” she needs to be perfect, skinny, beautiful, and submissive.

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Moving On Doesn’t Have to Mean Leaving Things Behind

Writing by Sophie van Bastelaer // Photograph by Sara Giorgio // Something that exists “in the past” does not, by virtue of its being past, have to be thrown away or forgotten. We can make our own choices, our own nuances about what stays important and what we prioritize.

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A Talk with Auguste

Interview and review by Sophie van Bastelaer // Australian electro­pop step­sister duo Auguste deserves to be your next musical obsession.

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REVIEW: Same Boat

Review by Sophie Van Bastelear // Forero’s songs are inventive, dazzling gems in an otherwise never-ending sea of musical mimicry.

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Embracing Your Feelings

Writing by Sophie van Bastelaer // Photograph by Ariel Leung // I wish that when I was younger someone had told me that having lots of feelings was okay.

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Accepting the Awkwardness of Breakups

Writing by Sophie Van Bastelaer // Photograph by Liam Warton // If we can teach ourselves to empathize we can respect the people we love (and even those we don’t) enough to embrace the connections and responsibilities and decisions that may just be “awkward.”

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