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The Journey Of My Feminism

Writing by Kalhia Paola De la Garza Espinosa // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // Edited by Sophie Rose // All my life I have been told I am a girl with a strong personality, until the point where I believed it and lived by those words. I earlier mentioned that I never blame victims, in any circumstances, but that changed when I blamed myself.

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The Role of Fat

Writing by Giulia Nicosia // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // Why is it that we talk about acceptance and self-love and then congratulate people for losing weight – a congratulation that causes the brain to release dopamine for engaging in a forced act we feel the need, but most probably not the desire to execute?

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Take Me To College

Writing by Wen Hsiao // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // Do you take your high school relationship to college? In my opinion, I’ll say to go with what your heart desires.

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The Dinner Table Politics Breakdown

Writing by Claire Wastell // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // It is always hard to find the right information, especially with our busy lives, and to identify the key points among the mass media and useless gossip of our local politicians.

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A Letter to Him: My Mental Mess

Writing by Lily McMillan-Merahi // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // I know you won’t read this. But that’s okay. And it’s weird for me now because when I think of you, hate is not the emotion that follows. You brainwashed me into thinking you were my lover and that you would always take care of me and would always be there.

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