Tatum Van Dam is a twenty-one year old individual currently residing in the city most known for the traffic and the stars. She describes her writing style as “creative, relatable, and easy to read — kind of like the essay form of an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page”. When Tatum is not sipping on caffeinated coffee-filled beverages or adoring the alpacas of the internet, she can be found exploring the world, baking sugary pastries, taking photos, or crafting a new playlist to perfection. She may or may not be an aspiring blogger — you can keep up with all things Tatum at yaytums.com!

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Transitions PART TWO: Awkward

Writing and artwork by Tatum Van Dam // Seeing other girls changing in the locker room taught me everything that I was doing wrong (but was too scared to change on my own).

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Transitions PART ONE: Ladylike

Writing and artwork by Tatum Van Dam // The phrase “that’s not ladylike” became a recurring statement throughout my childhood, despite the fact that most of these not-so-lady-like actions came as derivatives from growing up in a household predominantly filled with boys.

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