Tiziana Gualano is a 23-year-old italian photographer who started photography when she was 16. She was born and raised in a town called Foggia, in the south of Italy. What fascinates Tiziana the most about photography is that with it she can be whomever she wants to be. Find her on Tumblr.

Posts contributed to by Tiziana Gualano

Calling Time

Writing by Brydie Nielson // Photograph by Tiziana Gualano // Before the move, I was quick to defend my choice before people had a chance to question it. I did not want to be seen as the kind of person who ran away when things got tough. But you know what? I did run away. I ran away from a really shitty situation and towards a better, brighter future.

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Dear Me

Writing by Giulia Nicosia // Photography by Tiziana Gualano // So, here I am, making the decision to write a short letter full of clichés to myself right now, from myself right now…

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Plan B

Writing by Isabella Roxburgh // Photograph by Tiziana Gualano // Any person should be able to receive unbiased, non-judgemental healthcare. Yet, here in the middle of our discussion about emergency contraception was a very loaded question.

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Me and My IUD

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photographs by Tiziana Gualano // It’s been three months since I got my IUD and most days I forget I have one. This, if you ask me, is how perfect birth control should work.

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Defending the Smutty Novel

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Tiziana Gualano // I am here to tell you that being happy and horny is highly important and you can read and think about sex as much as you like.

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