Toni Stanger is a small, cold adult from England. She is a Film and Screenwriting graduate with a passion for cats, cinema and wine. She occasionally writes about film on her blog House of Psychotic Women and practically lives on Letterboxd.

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Living With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Writing by Toni Stanger // Illustration by Sofie Birkin // I tried everything. I tried all the elimination diets, IBS medications, probiotics, psychological therapies, and even yoga. I kept a food and symptom diary for a dietitian, and I ate three small but regular meals a day.

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FILM REVIEW: Tomb Raider

Review by Toni Stanger // Whilst it was initially disappointing to see the story take head in a different direction to the game, the modifications make sense considering the transition into film. As much as it would’ve been incredible to see Lara plough through loads of Trinity guards, it’s not very plausible for a two-hour film.

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Coming To Terms With My Sexuality

Writing by Toni Stanger // Photograph by Nadia Bautista // Every time I thought about it – which was every second of the day– let’s be honest – it made my heart race and struck me with immense panic. Could I be gay? I didn’t know if it was true.  But I knew I didn’t want it to be.

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Cats As Medicine

Writing by Toni Stanger // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // As soon as I saw the first cat in the window, I smiled so much. I smiled through my intense anxiety and empty stomach.

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Female Coming-of-Age Films of the 2000s

Writing by Toni Stanger // Illustration by Joy Gomez Kolber // Each film stars female leads and focuses on the girls and young women as they deal with friendships, romantic and sexual relationships, popularity, puberty, family, and getting older—things we can all relate to.

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