Wen Hsiao is a writer from Taipei, Taiwan. She spent the most part of her life moving around Asia. She enjoys cheesy love stories, angry breakup songs, and big bowls of instant noodles in bed. Wen hopes to publish her own collection of love stories and have a newspaper column one day. You can find her on Tumblr or on Twitter.

Posts contributed to by Wen Hsiao

Not The One: An Exploration on Love and Heartbreak by Wen Hsiao

Review of Wen Hsiao by Hannah Forsdike // I found Hsiao’s writing mature and insightful, and what I read certainly provoked self-examination. I can’t say I have ever read such a thorough exploration of love written by someone so young, I feel like this is the kind of writing I looked for as a teenager.

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Taiwan: A Change in Motion

Writing by Wen Hsiao // Taiwan has always been traditional in the past, where sexual behaviors prior to marriage, or even the act of dating in high school was shunned heavily; Nowadays, the dark cloud of conservancy has finally cleared up, and the youth has been able to see the world in a different light.

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