Q&A: We get the low-down on Perch Creek’s new single/criminal heist, ‘Gold Shop’

Interview by Molly McKew // Melbourne based mostly-family band Perch Creek have just released their vibin new single ‘Gold Shop’, a very funky single about a gold shop heist in Dubai (obviously). We chat to them about their beginnings as wee kids singing with their father on stage, their upcoming Australian tour, and how on earth five people manage to write songs together (hint – it takes a really long time).

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Interview by Rose Sejean // Mallrat is the 19 year-old pop/hip hop artist from Brisbane, Australia shaking things up, down under and abroad. She chats with us about her recent SXSW appearance, live shows and her wicked single, UFO (ft. ALLDAY). Get ready to be obsessed…

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FEATURE: DIY music pt. 2: Pitching and performing – feat. advice from Ainslie Wills, Jade Imagine & Maja

Writing by Molly McKew // In the second of our two-part series on how to make your own music, we look at how to pitch your music to venues and perform your original material. The dreaming and writing was the fun part – and now it’s time to contact venues and get on stage! Featuring advice from the wonderful Maja, brilliant songwriter Ainslie Wills and dream-pop babe Jade Imagine.

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