ART SERIES: Familiare

Writing and photographs by Alessandra Calò

My name is Alessandra and I was born 38 years ago in Southern Italy, not far from the sea. After finishing my studies (very distant from the artistic fieldI studied Italian Sign Language and am a certified deaf translator), I decided to move to Northern Italy, near the Po Valley, and this choice changed my life. Now I live in Reggio Emilia, where I work as freelance photographer and visual artist.

I have always been passionate about photography; it was always my way to keep all of my memories close to me, because I was afraid to forget them. Now the dominant theme in my work is recollection: a state of mind combined with reality and not simply a nostalgic evoking of the past. My concept of photography is based on a language designed to suggest emotions without describing them in detail.

In this series, I aim to evoke lives of people to whom the photographed places and objects belonged. Since humans are absent in the works, objects show signs of their passage. Each life left a mark on reality, creating new layers of meaning, from which the intrusive interpretation of the photographer is consciously lightened.

familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-1 familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-2 familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-3 familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-4 familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-5 familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-7 familiare_bruno-alessandra-calo-9 familiare_lina-alessandra-calo-1 familiare_lina-alessandra-calo-2 familiare_lina-alessandra-calo-3 familiare_lina-alessandra-calo familiare_virgi-alessandra-calo-1 familiare_virgi-alessandra-calo-2


Alessandra Calò

Alessandra Calò was born in 1977, and now lives and works in Reggio Emilia, Italy. She independently developed her passion for art, starting with an emphasis on photography and moving towards an experimentation with materials and the creation of installations. Her projects have been shown in Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well in international art festivals, galleries, and magazines. She has been awarded contemporary art prizes for her works, such as Fotografia Europea, Combat Prize, and O.R.A. Prize. Connect with Alessandra on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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