ART SERIES: What We Are Made Of

Writing and photographs by Rose Richards

I’m Rose Richards, a 21-year-old photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.

At the beginning of this year I began a project titled “What We Are Made Of”, in which I attempted to portray the dreams of 12 people. I included myself, because I’m a daydreamer and as the author of the project, I’m made of dreams. Miru Morna, the make up artist, and Afonso Castella, the photo assistant, were also crucial to the project.

What keeps the human being alive? Dreaming. Since we born, every piece of our world is given to us and we capture it in our way. While some people may find our dreams impossible, they mean the world to us. And is this so wrong? I dare to say no. We should never limit our dreams, because nothing is impossible.


Rose Richards

Rose Richards is a photographer from Portugal. Visit her website.

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