Writing and Photography by Céline Floyd

My name is Céline Floyd, I’m 18 years old, and I love taking photographs (especially analogue, although this photo series is digital), making films, and writing.

I took these photos of my wonderful friends Madison and Naomi over the Summer to illustrate true friendship and pure happiness with someone you love. I was inspired by how quickly and how well Naomi and Madison—two of my best friends—got along when they first met to help me with another project. The style of their clothing is inspired by the 70s, because, art-wise, I love that time period. Hopefully “n + m” will make people want to call up their best friend or significant other to hang out and spend time together!


Céline Floyd

Céline Floyd is an 18-year-old Canadian and French artist whose primary forms of expression are photography, film, and writing. You can probably find her in thrift shops, binge watching Netflix, dancing around to pretty much any type of music from any decade, or creating content for different zines, magazines, sites, or art shows. You can find her on Instagram @celflow and more of her work on her website.

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