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ART SERIES: Valentines Day

Art Series by Miranda Jill Millen

Art Series by Miranda Jill Millen

I think we all know Valentines day can be a load of BS, but also when you think about it it’s a day about love, which could be love for your partner, love for your oddly shaped toes, or love for how much you enjoy using dried apricots as ear plugs. Whatever it is, today is the day to focus on it and remember how lucky you are to have all the love in your life. Sometimes the world feels a bit dark and you feel like you have a eaten a mouthful of cotton wool, on those days we need to remember that we all love each other a hell of a lot and that is a hell of a lot to have.
So who ever or how ever you spend today, love yourself and love those around you, and have a fun and funky Valentines Day.

Love Miranda

Miranda Millen

Miranda Millen is an artist based in Melbourne, she enjoys people with wrinkles and facial jowls. Follow her work on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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