ART SERIES: Islamophobia

Art series by Maite Díez

My name is Maite and I am illustrator originally from San Sebastián (Spain). I began illustrating when I was 3 years old, I decided I wanted to be an artist, then I change my mind about 1000 times but I came back to the idea of being an artist at 17. I like dark humor, strange films, and ironic people.

Islamophobia is a project that wants to explore how women from Islam are harshly criticized and questioned, not only by men but also by a lot of women from other cultures and religions. It is about racism and inequalities, two things that really piss me off. I came up with the idea of doing this project when I was living and studying in London. I realized how different Islamic women are treated in such a big, multicultural city compared to how badly they were treated in Spain. I realized how conservative the Spanish culture is in some ways, and I wanted to address that.

I used a mixture of techniques and media. I worked up some first drafts by hand, made some textures with mono print techniques, and then digitally illustrating the final images.

I would be happy if people become a bit more open minded when looking at this project. I think sometimes we just have to throw away our preconceived ideas.


Maite Díez

Maite Díez is an digital illustrator. Find her work on her website.

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