Art series by Olivia Wischmeyer 

My name is Olivia Wischmeyer and I live in Denver, Colorado. I began creating art when I was very little, eventually attending art classes outside of school. When I entered high school, my art found a new platform to grow and develop. From there I started a website and began the process of co-publishing a children’s book.

As an incoming college freshman planning to major in an environmental science field, I have found that art is not only engraved in my ability to communicate, but a huge step for every realm of change one wishes to bring to the world. Science, art, humanities, and otherwise are intimately a part of one another, and emotive expression is a perfect way to bring awareness to it all! By bringing what each of us has to give to the world and sharing in joy, beauty, pain, sorrow, and love, life blossoms so much bigger. Art is my part to give and a tool that I would like to use to bring about the change I’d like to see in the world.

This concentration works to juxtapose the abuse of women and degradation of the environment with the strength of female menstruation and environmental resilience. I have been greatly influenced by my family’s bee hive and the immense strength the worker bees (all female) have despite the destruction of their land and immune systems. Women understand the earth in a deep way and the cyclical nature of the female spirit and body is prime example for the resilience and beauty within overcoming taboo and abuse.


Olivia Wischmeyer

Olivia Wischmeyer is an artist from Denver, Colorado. Get in touch!

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