ART SERIES: Dreaming Azores

Art Series by Catarina Inacio

I said it once and I’ll say it again: I’m an explorer, I’m a photographer, I can’t spend too much time at home. As a photographer with depression–and it’s been 10 years of it–my “cure” and great escape is photography and travel. Our world needs to be explored; there’s so many cultures, great food, amazing places to feel.

Something I learned on my first time to Azores (Terceira and São Miguel Islands) is that I can create my art there, but for every human, you need to feel Azores, not only seen it in photographs. In June 2017, I took a lot of self-portraits in those beautiful landscapes.


Catarina Inácio

Catarina Inácio is a photographer from Portgual. About her work, Catarina says:

“My dream is to become a great photographer. I want to show my feelings with photography, and create new stories based in my daily life. And I’m proud of my evolution in photography. I live with my issues and insecurities, and sometimes it’s hard to communicate and smile to life, although I know that I can’t give up, and I have to keep doing what makes me happy and live everyday with patience and calm. Photography is one of my forms of therapy, it is what makes me happy and it is what makes me feel free.” See her work on Flickr.

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