Art series by Alejandra Bela

I am Alejandra Bela, a 23-year-old artist and image maker. The camera has become my refuge; a way I have gotten to know myself better and give voice and words to what I did not previously understand about myself, my body, and my femininity.

Red is a photographic and poetic project where I explore the color that represents my femininity. I associate red with being a woman, with being alive. Red is strength, intensity, brightness; it is the fierceness I feel as a woman. It is the color of my fight. The shade of my condition. It is diverse, just like me. I can feel the red in my core; see it on my blushy cheeks. I paint my lips carmine, as well as my hips. I live in red-like moments.

I created this series to express all these emotions that I identify with the color red, and in the process, I realized that the images not only express my experience as a woman, but also what many others experience as well. This process caused me to develop a new understanding of the color that is usually associated with sensuality, sexuality, and danger; to explore its other shades, which allowed me to empower myself and other women who found themselves in the pictures, in the color.


Alejandra Bela

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