ART SERIES: Fluid Femininity

Art Series by Adaora Oramah

This photo project aims to provide a visual exploration on the fluidity and dynamism of femininity through style and dress. By playing with the pantsuit, widely recognised as traditionally “masculine” attire, the project serves to invert traditional symbols associated with gender roles, femininity, and identity.

The shoot aims to contribute to discussions on intersectional feminism and explore the ways black, dark-skinned women navigate harmful one-dimensional and Eurocentric representations of femininity. The photos hope to help counter harmful narratives that restrict black female identity and sexuality, as well as dismantle the hyper-sexualized and masculinized tropes imposed on black dark-skinned women.

It is important to highlight the nuances and the complexities of race, gender, and identity in today’s social and fashion context and assert that femininity is ever-changing, fluid, and individualistic.

Photographer: Adaora Oramah @adaoramah

Model: Violet Gacenia @therealultraviolet

Styling and MUA: Rama Ghanem @actuallyrama

Photo-shoot assistant: Harleen Sian @harleensian


Adaora Oramah

Adaora Oramah is a Nigerian photographer, creative strategist, and Master’s student, studying in London. Follow Adaora on Instagram and her website.

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