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Art Series by Emma Parla-Aziz

Art Series by Emma Parla-Aziz


Such a simple word

What does it mean to you?

A gentle brushing back of your hair

From familiar fingertips

An accidental but welcome graze

Of arm against arm while walking

A mother holding her child while they cry

Her love being the only thing holding the pieces together

A soft kiss on an even softer cheek

From a long time friend

Most people when they think of the word


They think of sex

Or foreplay

They think of their significant other

Which is all true



It’s so much more than just sex

It’s grocery shopping with your best friend

It’s giving a tight, meaningful hug

To a family member you’ve missed dearly

It’s knees lazily bumping into each other

As you sit comfortably next to a loved one

It’s helping a sick friend shower

Because their body is too weak to stand

It’s a tender forehead kiss

Or holding hands with a lover

Intimacy is powerful

Intimacy is soft

Intimacy is ingrained in us

It’s as natural as the wind that dances around you

Don’t shy away from it

Embrace it


Emma Parla-Aziz

Emma is a Queer, Female, Wiccan Artist based out of Boston. Her art revolves around body positivity, mental illness, and inclusion. She’s also very passionate about helping animals and the environment.

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