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Photographs by Jenelle Wexler

Photographs by Jenelle Wexler

Liberty is now one years old and has represented over 100 women to date and shared their stories of empowerment on her Instagram @photographyofliberty.  

On Liberty’s Instagram she not only shares a photo of herself dressed as the influential woman, she also includes a photo of the woman that she is portraying and a short blurb about these women’s accomplishments in helping to shape society for what it is today. 

I am hopeful that when Liberty is older and looks back at these photos, she finds them to be fun yet informatively positive.  I believe these women that Liberty has represented continue to inspire the young females of present day to push boundaries and strive beyond equality. I feel that it is important to pay tribute to the woman who fought for and helped protect and further women causes. I only hope that these are the individuals that Liberty herself chooses to admire and aspire to be like.

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