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ART SERIES: Salma At Home

Art Series by Bridget Rodriguez

Art Series by Bridget Rodriguez

When reflecting on myself, I’ve always considered fashion to be a part of my identity. My wardrobe embodies creativity, vibrancy, and confidence that works as a form of communication even when I haven’t said a word. Growing up, I was so accustomed to the idea that following the latest trends and styles would instantly deem me fashionable. When I began wearing the hijab, I initially thought I would have to compromise my wardrobe and love for style as though the two were mutually exclusive (Surprise, they’re not). But, as I began discovering my style, fashion became something far more personal rather than generic as my style has evolved with me. Moving away from fast fashion and towards thrifting, I have been given so much more creative freedom and fluidity to experiment with my wardrobe. I find a little inspiration in everything- my surroundings, feelings, strangers, art, old movies, myself, you name it. As a being, I’m so multi faceted, so to have an outlet where I have the ability to dress based off of the persona or emotion I want to embody for the day is both powerful and comforting. With growing up in California, and recently moving to LA, I have been especially experimental with my wardrobe whether it be bright colors, an array of oversized blazers, or mixing patterns, I’m just having fun with it and am continuously learning about myself through the process


Bridget Rodriguez

Bridget Rodriguez is an Irish/Cuban/American photographer originating from Miami. A decade ago she fell in love with her craft in the darkroom, and stuck to it becoming a career. Bridget’s focus is in fashion, artist portraiture, and lifestyle photography using both film and digital. Living in Los Angeles for 3 years she has become more involved in sustainable fashion and climate change awareness through her work. Bridget is also a part of an all female production team Sourcefilms, where she has balances still-photography on set, creative direction and post-production. 

You can follow Bridget on Instagram @bridgetism

Salma Solimon

You can follow Salma on Instagram @salamii360

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