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ART SERIES: Ode au Printemps

ART SERIES by Stefania & Alessandra Papagni

We are Alessandra and Stefania, Italian-French twin sisters class 1992. We have a lot in common like taking pictures on film with cameras older than us.
At the start of March we were put into lockdown which concluded at the end of May. The lock-down has been a difficult experience for everyone, and has changed the lives of many people.
Among the things that we personally missed the most in this quarantine have been, beyond not being able to go outside, the possibility to photograph outdoors and the Spring.
In these months we have stayed in the house, we have missed the whole Spring, the blossoming of the flowers and their fading. We missed its colors, the scents of this season, and for this reason we wanted to pay tribute to it.
This project is an ode to Spring, and we would like to dedicate it to those of us who spent days at the window watching this season arrive and leave undisturbed while circumstances forced us into our homes.

Stefania Papagni

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