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ART FEATURE: Dreams Passed

Writing and artwork by Hannah Kline and Jessie Li White 

Dreams Passed is a photo series that is centered around the human experience and dreams. The images in the series show a crisp yet ephemeral dreamscape that, after passing through time, exists solely through the record of these photos. The images capture and reconsider the elusive nature of dreams while also incorporating elements that otherwise exist in a persisting reality (most notably the human figures and the photo set).

The product of this photoshoot resembles a small window into the intimate human experience. It is said that the people in our dreams are people from our own realities, and that in dream consciousness, our brains lack the ability to fabricate anything we haven’t already seen. To foreground my personal experiences, I chose my friends as models, because they often appear in my dreams and they are important and enriching to my everyday life

Art Director: Hannah Kline

Photographer: Jessie Li White

Set Designer: Hannah Kline

Stylists: Armone Pinkney and Hannah Kline

Makeup: Hannah Kline

Models: Laura Torlaschi, Talia Starczewski,Selina Wagner, Hannah Kline, Armone Pinkney

Hannah Kline

Hannah is a multimedia artist focused in painting, drawing, and installation art. She recently graduated from the University of Florida with a BFA in Studio Art and hopes to continue her studio development in her post-graduate career. Her work uses the language of abstract expressionism to envision and create imaginative spaces. 

Jessie Li White

Jessie is a central-Florida-based creative and a founding editor of HU magazine. She specializes in portrait photography and aims to blend fashion and conceptual art in her work. Much of her work involves themes of identity and feminism.

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