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ART SERIES: Born to be Nude

In March 2020 Libby decided to create Born To Be Nude, a nude series dedicated to creating a safe space for us to celebrate nudity without being sexualised. Libby wants to change the narrative surrounding nudity, by creating a raw and realistic portrayal of the human body. she is endlessly inspired by the amazing women she works with and is surrounded by, helping her create a free spirited vulnerability within her work. As well as taking inspiration from renaissance imagery, Libby strives to reclaim it with a female gaze. She loves working within nature as it is unpredictable; natural lighting and the adventure of finding locations are some of the many joys in her process.

Libby Cooper

Libby Cooper is an 18 year old nude photographer who recently graduated from The BRIT School. In June 2020 she began her first nude series, setting out with the intent of helping others find peace within their bodies, whilst also exploring the relationship with her own body. As the project grew Libby began to realise it was not only important to find comfort within but to have the space to celebrate this without being sexualised.


Instagram @shotbyliberty

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