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A Week in the Life of an Aussie Kid in the Early 2000s

Writing by Ella Sterland of Dreaming Soda


Dear Diary,

Mr Groves gave us this project today where we need to come up with our aspirations and dreams for when we grow up, but besides marrying Zac Efron and becoming a famous singer/actress/marine biologist, I’m kind of stuck because I have no idea what I want to do!?! Every time I try and think about it, my mind just drifts off into space and my thoughts become bloopy bloop… 


Dear Diary,

Piano lessons were soooo boring today, Mrs Pravini looked super disappointed when I got the Mad Hatter wrong for the hundredth time. How come I can’t just be automatically good?!? During Ben’s lesson, Dad and I went to the Stockland Mall and played the Stacker machine and we were sooo close to getting the iPod this time!!!!!! I saved up TEN DOLLARS in gold coins!!! I’ve literally been eating apples instead of potato gems at the canteen for the last week!! I reckon we’ll get it next week, I mean someone has to win the prize eventually right?


Dear Diary,

Dad asked me if I wanted to help him make Anzac Cookies but I swear it was JUST Anzac day?? Have I just completely forgotten the last few months or have we fallen into a time-warp situation like in that one episode of Silver Sun?? Well, whatever it is, the Caramel Dad always adds to the cookies was SO YUMMY!


Dear Diary,

Jordy and Aunty Tatty came over this afternoon and Jake and Jordy played all the old games Dad put on the computer like Donkey Kong and Frogger. I tried playing Lemmings but it was so hard – and I felt so bad about blowing them up.


Dear Diary,

Shh, I am writing this SO LATE! Me and Renee were playing online for hours after school today. I have so much homework but I literally have to play as soon as I see that little Green Light pop up on MSN. If Mum and Dad find out they will probably ban me from using it so DON’T TELL THEM! They already think it’s weird that she’s someone I met online but that doesn’t mean we aren’t best friends!


Dear Diary,

Just got home from lunch at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, I ate sooooo many sausages I thought I would burst! On the way home Jake and I ACTUALLY got past the freaking underwater level on the Gameboy! It literally took so long and we died like a hundred times, I couldn’t even see the screen unless we stopped at a traffic light. When we got to the end we started screaming and Mum thought we were fighting, LOL. I can’t believe we actually got past it…


Dear Diary,

Went to the Beach today, I had so much purple zinc on my face you would have thought I had one eye, one horn, and I flew around eating people! After we swam for a bit I sat on the bank and thought about this project that Mr Groves set. I still really don’t know what I want to do, but maybe my aspiration and dreams don’t have to be a job? Ultimately, my dream is to be with my friends and my family and doing what makes me happy! Zac Efron is still a part of that though…

Dreaming Soda

Bound to be your new favourite kids on the block, Dreaming Soda is a nostalgic, chaos-pop outfit writing tracks about all those niche memories from growing up “just before the internet”. Whether it’s a biscuit tin filled with sewing threads, or scabbing at recess for canteen cash, Dreaming Soda pays homage to little moments that are strangely universal, and somehow transformative.

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