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PREMIERE: I’ve Spent My Whole Life Dreaming – Sandy Hsu

Photo by Nikki Lam

Sandy Hsu is back with yet another dreamy track, transporting you to a world of celestial harp, divine vocals and introspective storytelling. Angelic, moody and reflective I’ve Spent My Whole Life Dreaming will have you feeling nostalgic, reflective and inspired.

I’ve Spent My Whole Life Dreaming will feature on Sandy’s new EP Stranger State, out November 28. The EP covers Sandy’s early twenties, and reveals a vulnerable sense of honesty and experimentation that makes Sandy’s angelic songwriting so special.

‘I’ve Spent My Whole Life Dreaming’ is a song I started to write before I left to live in Florence and work as an au pair. I completed it when I returned to Melbourne. It’s about being submerged in the feeling of stagnation, and the deep desire for something ‘more’. I feel like I have always been ambitious, and that has lead me to feel many ways, including unsatisfied, excited, driven, and hopeless. I feel inspired by animals like spiders and elements like water, that continue to be effortlessly and humbly astonishing. In the refrain, I wanted to see how long I could hold the first note for, so there is no set beat, it’s free flowing and the other instruments undulate around the core vocal and guitar. The instrumentation evokes a dreamscape, the sound of 1000 tiny dancing spiders’ feet.

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