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Moodboards with Siobhan Cotchin

You’d be forgiven if you heard Siobhan Cotchin’s new single How Does It Feel in passing and thought it was a deep cut from a country rock industry heavyweight. 2022 has seen Cotchin experience widespread praise, picking up five nominations at the WAM Awards, before going on to win in three categories; Best EP, Best Vocalist & Best Country Act.

The track is punchy alt-rock with her signature country foundation. Hearing about an artist’s creative process is one of our favourite things at Ramona and today we are lucky enough that Siobhan takes us through the artists and songs that inspired the creation of How Does It Feel.

Check out Siobhan’s new single on Ramona’s weekly playlist.

  • Malibu- Hole: Hole has been such a huge inspiration for me recently, and they’ve always been one of my favorite bands. I really wanted my song to sound nostalgic and 90s. We achieved this by layering acoustic and electric guitars for that really shiny, glittery effect (I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone else but me….) and I channeled Courtney Love in the vocals by basically just singing the song like I didn’t care!
  • Rush You- Baby Animals: I wrote this song after I watched a live recording of Baby Animals and was just so inspired by the raw power of Suzi Demarchi. This song is my favorite of theirs and really inspired the performance aspect of this song for sure. I feel so badass when I play this song live and I have to thank Suzi Demarchi and all the powerful women in rock that have paved the way.
  • 1979- Smashing Pumpkins: This song inspired me the same Malibu by Hole did; it’s quintessential 90s and guitar heavy! We spent a lot of time perfecting the guitar sound to give it that nostalgic feel. This is one of my faves by Smashing Pumpkins and was one of the first tracks we listened to when we got into the studio.
  • That’s Just How I Feel- Noah Dillon: In regards to the writing process of this song, I feel like it was also inspired by one of my favorite artists, Noah Dillon! He’s been a huge inspiration for me lately, especially lyrics and melody-wise. There’s such honesty and power in his words and I just hope to do the same.
  • Today- Smashing Pumpkins: as you can see, Smashing Pumpkins was a huge reference for the production side of ‘How Does It Feel?’. ‘Today’ is also super guitar heavy and we wanted to emulate that distorted guitar sound. We wanted it to sound a bit muddy and grungy and add to the backdrop of the vocals.

“How Does It Feel?” is available on all streaming platforms and you can get tickets to her national tour HERE. Check out Siobhan Cotchin on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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