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What is a Rogue Ballerina?

Interview of Rose Alice by Freya Bennett

What does ‘Rogue Ballerina’ mean?
Aghh well picture everything you know about a ballerina and then take away the tutu add a bit of darkness, contemporary dance and drum n bass with a voice and well, that is me haha. I think for many years I searched for a pre existing box to fit in and about a decade a go I realised that there isn’t one for me and it was the most terrifying, isolating and incredible gift. I have a purpose in life that allows me to feel, express and share more than 99% of the population and that is a beautiful burden and a humbling gift. I use the word rogue often because for me it has no boundaries, infinite possibilities and most importantly generates curiosity to inspire and create with unapologetic amounts of love, originality and freedom.
Tell us a bit about how you got into this kind of dance
If I’m perfectly honest, it kind of happened naturally. I always loved the militant training of classical ballet (which I still do religiously every day), but I also felt like a caged bird creatively. I had the privilege of living in Hong Kong for a few years and was given license there to navigate the type of artist I wanted to be. I think it is a remarkable thing that I feel different and more evolved as an artist every day. It genuinely excites me to continue taking traditional forms and pushing their limits.
You are the Movement Director for Arlo Parks, how did that come about and how has it been?
I have been close with her management team for a few years now and when she began to grow, it was the right time to come on board to help elevate things. I honesty feel overwhelmingly grateful to have the opportunity to grow and level up with an artist who isn’t a dancer. Movement direction is always a difficult one to navigate because it needs to be human, honest and absolutely authentic and true to the singer. It is the only thing I do outside of dancing and choreographing myself that fills my heart and soul with inspiration beyond measure. It is only the beginning too.
What is different about what you create?
Although the physicality of what I create is quite extreme, it is always emotion led. I want to be the artist that stands on stage without moving and still draw in the audience. As unpleasant as its been at times, when I have been at my rockiest mentally, I have actually created beautiful genuine art, I think it has something to do with being completely honest, vulnerable and brave enough to give, even when it is uncomfortable. My fuel and inspiration is drawn from life experiences with people, places and things and then deciphered and processed through movement. I am trying very consciously at the moment to dig deeper (you know, to the places of your heart you normally keep guarded), to level up my end product, and make sure that it has never been seen or felt before. Staying original in a world so inundated with content is a challenge but if it is coming from you with no walls up it should generate everything a human could possibly feel.
What is your vision for the future?
I am currently creating a documentary series on the life of artists and the creative process. Throughout the series I will create a live show which will premiere as the final episode. I want to create something that can be seen and felt by people all over the world, something that will generate conversations about the value of artists and something that will leave people with an emotional tattoo of beauty and soul. My aim is that this project (which has quite literally broken me multiple times already), will be the beginning of forever with my voice and my art form in the most positive and enlightened way possible. I have found what I would die for and I want to live for it. Regardless of what it takes this body of art will touch as many hearts as possible, you have my word on that.
What advice do you have for other creatives when trying to follow their goals?
Learn how to use your voice as early as possible. Don’t underestimate your staying power. Fight relentlessly for your dream no matter what it takes. Fall in love with as many things as possible. If it doesn’t terrify and test you, it’s probably not big enough. Hold your moral compass strongly and move gently with undeniable force, drenched in integrity and kindness.

Rose Alice

Rose Alice is a Rogue Ballerina, Choreographer and Executive Producer. She has performed at the Royal Opera House, Palais Garnier, Shanghai National Theatre and Sydney Opera House to name a few. Rose has choreographed award winning feature films, fashion campaigns and has been featured in music videos for artists such as Bloc Party and Rag N Bone Man and this is just the beginning. Follow Rose Alice on social media here @rosealiceofficial

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