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Art series by Ezekiel

Bliss is an ongoing project which will soon span a 10 year archive of work of photographs taken from the age of 17-27. It explores joy, liberation and sexuality through the lens of a queer immigrant who grew up in the UK. Essentially it is a love letter to life, and the hedonistic pursuit of an artist trying to make it through our tumultuous political climate.


Ezekiel is a Filipino Photographer and Filmmaker based in London. In 2019, Ezekiel graduated from London College of Fashion with a BA(Hons) in Fashion Photography. In 2022, they became the Creative Director of SMUT and released their debut photobook titled ‘SMUT: Volume I, Transgressions’ — the first iteration of an ongoing series of erotic publications. Ezekiel’s work often explores the complexities of the human condition, sexuality, gender and identity politics through a queer gaze.

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