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Madison Beer: Finding Silence Between Songs

Writing by Ebony Weston

Following her 2021 album ‘Life Support’ which has gained over one billion streams, Madison Beer is cooking up something even bigger with her second studio album Silence Between Songs out today.

Madison’s angelic voice hits new heights on this album with major inspirations such as Tame Impala, Lana Del Ray and the Beatles. Her flexible sound has morphed into something of fantasy in this new release with each song having their own personality woven through each layer of each song.

“I’ve learned so much about myself and my artistry on the journey of the last two years since my last record. This album tells the story of so many different pieces of me that I discovered in the moments of pause where I settled down from the noise and learned the most about myself,” Madison says about the album.

“I hope my fans are as inspired listening to it as I was when creating it.”

Madison gave her loyal fans a taste of what was to come on the 14-track record earlier this year with Spinnin, Home To Another One, Dangerous, Reckless, and Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You) which altogether have over 450 million streams. If that doesn’t get you excited for the album, I have no idea what will.

Starting the album off strong is ‘Spinnin’ and ‘Envy The Leaves’, both with equally catchy vocals and their own distinct 70s influence. Each song has a melancholy feel to them, with ‘Spinnin’ emphasising the way in which gloomy days can feel never-ending, ‘Envy The Leaves’ encompasses a life of ignorance, taking you into a world of wishing and innocence.

My personal favourite was ‘17’, with a walk back even further in time, it provides you with an early 60s sense of nostalgia and a beat so perplexing I feel like you could almost slow dance to it. ‘Nothing Matters But You’ follows suit with those echoey vocals that put you on another planet, bringing the major influence of Lana Del Ray into the light.

One of the most emotional songs on the album is her tribute to her younger brother Ryder Beer. ‘Ryder’ steps into Madison’s childhood, with an acoustic soundtrack and hypnotising melodies, she puts her regrets into a heart wrenching song that is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes.

With a boppy Beach Boys entrance, ‘I Wonder’ uses classic layering underneath eclectic vocals to bring you back into the Good Vibrations era which will have you bouncing around your living room or make washing the dishes that little bit more fun. On the contrary, ‘Home To Another One’ and ‘Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)’ bring back the seductive, melancholic tones we see scattered throughout her 2021 release ‘Life Support’.

Dangerous’ teleports you into the life of a Disney Princess. A song that describes a lover’s lack of communication, Madison is almost blaming herself, something I believe majority of listeners can relate to. ‘Reckless’ follows the song in this way, with both songs referencing their love like fairy tales with a devastating ending.

To close the album, the title track ‘Silence Between Songs’ enters a Gatsby era. Bringing elements from all of the previously mentioned songs, Madison creates a click along classic that mixes sadness with seductive in a way you can only understand by listening to it. Stepping foot into track 14 we have — which is makes a mockery of an ex-lover. Almost like an f-you to whoever she is writing to. The whole song sums up the album perfectly, with one of the main lines in the song being “you’re the king of nothing now”, it feels like the final stage of grief. Acceptance.

Madison’s new album, Silence between Songs is out now everywhere you listen to music.


Ebony Weston

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