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ART SERIES: Birth of a Mother

Art series by Alina Gross

For me, photography is an instrument for deep self-reflection and self-therapy. The birth of mother is symbolic of a rebirth of the self; it is a biological and mental process of growing and changing one’s personality. The changes are both physical and psychological.

I wondered how it could be possible that becoming a mother was so different to what I had imagined. From this feeling of contradiction, a work emerged over several years that addresses this process.
Throughout the process of working on this project, I did very hard emotional work and kept reinventing myself or being reborn as a mother.

Alina Gross

Alina Gross is a photo artist from Germany who works between Düsseldorf and Berlin. Her work has been published in Vogue and many international magazines. She has worked with the Vagina Museum in London and is represented at The Curators in New York.⁠ Her works are shown at Solo- and Group shows: Riga Biennale for Photography 2021, Photovogue Festival in Milano 2018, 2022 Queer Archive in Athens or 2022 “New femininity” Exhibition in Lissbon.⁠

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