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Paige: The Carousel Ride

Interview by Erandhi Mendis

Self described as a cancerian who writes songs in their bedroom, New Zealand’s Paige has been busy captivating audiences worldwide. Honest, heartfelt and refreshingly candid, the last month has been jam packed with releasing her album, King Clown, performing at SXSW, touring her new record and somehow still still making time to campaign for Joe Jonas to bring her out on stage when the Jonas Brothers come down under. Paige sat down with Ramona to share her her songwriting style, what motivates her and the inspiration for her single Carousel.

Hi Paige! Super excited to chat with you for Ramona and introduce you to our readers. Can you tell us who you are and where you are chatting to us from today (we hear you’ve just been on tour!).

Thanks for chatting with me! I’m Paige, I’m an artist from New Zealand currently talking to you in my hotel room in Melbourne after being on a canceled flight home after the Australian tour! hahaha I’ve loved this tour.

Diving straight into the heavy stuff…what does the word carousel signify to you and how did that metaphor come to you?

I guess it signifies being stagnant and moving but staying in the same place which was inspired by a relationship I was in.

Vulnerability and accountability are two very intertwined subjects that you deal with masterfully in your music – have you always gravitated to writing so reflectively about personal experience?

Yes! Writing music is such an outlet for me and it helps me through troubled times which is why you hear so much vulnerability in my music. It makes good inspiration for a song!

Speaking of songwriting – has that always been a part of your life? And what advice would you give to others looking to hone their writing chops! 

Always, always been part of my life. I think just writing for pleasure and for joy is always the key to starting your songwriting journey. Not being too critical about your work and just enjoying it is the key! 

The sonic landscapes you’ve built in your debut album are pretty impressive and varied. Are there specific artists and genres that inspire you? 

Thank you! Yeah I have a wide range of artists that I love.This album was influenced by a lot of early 2000s r&b songs. Also I think I just loved playing around with production and learning how to produce music and in having fun I came up with some cool sounds for other songs.

Nowadays making music can be tough, expensive and tiring for young artists – what keeps you motivated?

Yes! haha it is very tough. I think reminding myself of my abilities and what my music does for people is a really big motivator. I also think that from a young age I’ve known that this is what I’m supposed to do and I want to see it through to make my inner child proud. I want to live out my purpose.

How has it been playing this record live for the first time? Are there any specific moments that you know you’ll always remember about this tour?

It’s been so fun! I’ve been looking forward to playing these songs live. I think honestly just having people in Australia listening to my music is such a big achievement for me because I adore this country and have done for years and I’ve wanted to be playing music here for a while so having people show up to the shows has been something I’ll cherish.

Throughout the creation of King Clown what do you think was your biggest learning – either personally or professionally?

I think I’ve learnt to trust myself more. I trust my ideas a lot more than I did, I feel a lot more confident as a creative because I didn’t think I could make an album like this and I did which makes me very proud! 

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You can stream King Clown below!

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