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An Ode To The Sarong: Meredith 2023

Words and Photographs by Laura May Grogan

As summer approaches (or doesn’t, as it isn’t here in wet, miserable Melbourne today) we share with you a thing or two from festivals that worked, and ones that didn’t. Humbler readers, this Meredith was wet and wild. It was full of high and lows, literally 32 degrees Friday arvo, to 12 degrees Saturday night.

So instead of focusing on what went wrong, or all the music that was missed as we tried in vain, to dry our soppy mattresses, lets use this shall we, as a teachable moment. Here is an ode to the most versatile of festival staples; the sarong.

Uses for the sarong:

a picnic rug
a cute top
a chic head scarf
a towel
a makeshift parasol / shade cloth for the open stage
a face washer
a ear crevice washer
a makeshift bag for snacks down to the stage
a shawl to protect from sunburnt / rain

a tablecloth to make that grim campsite feel fresh and sweet for a hung over breakfast
a mini tent if you and your crew need to have a quick private check in amongst a throbbing enormous crowd
an extra shade wall for marquee
an extra wall for protection against sideways rain
a light blanket for a sweltering tent

a dress for walking to drop loos if you sleep nude
a modesty curtain for one who needs to pop a squat
a visually unique doof stick when tied to stick for lost friends
a refreshing neckerchief when dipped it in water when it’s real hot
a fresh cotton first layer against your skin to layer upon at night
a lens cleaner for sunglasses / camera lenses
a sweet snuggly hand warmer whilst walking back to camp,
a sling to tie to that internal little loop inside most tents and keep your phone tucked up in there away from seeping rain,
a satchel for taking toiletries and clean clothes down to the showers, and then a makeshift skirt if you forgot your pants for the walk back to your tent.
a fun flicky whippy thing to dance with.

Laura May Grogan

Laura May Grogan has been making photographs of people for over 15 years.
Born in Melbourne with a wandering heart, she’s worked in assignment in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the UK, the USA and her former adopted home of Mexico.
She’s happiest of when her commercial and art practices converge and she’s able to show a sitter a beautiful version of themselves, in a pocket of gentle light, feeling proud of who they are.
You can checkout Laura’s website here.

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