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Make the Friendship Bracelets

Photographs by Laura May Grogan

Our photojournalist, Laura May Grogan, wanted to capture the pure joy of the Australian Swifties. She snapped photos of the abundant friendship bracelets saying “..they came from all around the country. They were kind, beyond excited and swapping bracelets left, right and centre.”

Laura May Grogan

Laura May Grogan has been making photographs of people for over 15 years.
Born in Melbourne with a wandering heart, she’s worked in assignment in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the UK, the USA and her former adopted home of Mexico.
She’s happiest of when her commercial and art practices converge and she’s able to show a sitter a beautiful version of themselves, in a pocket of gentle light, feeling proud of who they are.
You can checkout Laura’s website here.

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