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ASK JANE: Is it Okay to Strength Train Weights on my Period

Hi Jane, is it okay to strength train weights on my period?

This really depends on you. If you regularly train with weights and don’t experience any difficulty doing so during your period and feel good doing it, then it’s okay. That said it is a time to be particularly sensitive to your need to be slower and rest more, and especially, not exercise in a way that strains your abdominal muscles. It’s definitely not a time to push yourself to lift heavier weights. Lighter, rhythmic exercises like swimming, walking or yoga (not working on abdominal strength or practicing inversions) are also great ways to exercise during your period if you don’t feel like weight training at this time. Rest, recovery, and restorative practices during your period can be very supportive for your health and wellbeing overall, and fortifying for when you fully resume weights training.

Happy training!

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