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Love on the Spectrum to Austin: Q&A with Michael Theo

Interview of Michael Theo by Freya Bennett

From Love on the Spectrum to Australian comedy AUSTIN, Michael Theo is here to show us he can do more than reality TV, and now that he is acting, he’s not looking back!
Hi Michael, How are you?

I’m very well, thanks for asking.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hello everyone. I’m Michael Theo. You may remember me from Love On The Spectrum, but now, I’m the lead actor in the Australian 8-episode comedy TV series AUSTIN. I play the title character, Austin Hogan himself! AUSTIN and Love On The Spectrum are the most important works of my life and I’m certain there will be more to come!

I was born and raised in Wollongong, a city in the Illawarra which is a coastal region on the South Coast of New South Wales. I am also an employee of ASPECT (Autism Spectrum Australia) where I work as an autism consultant, former blue collar worker and Ambassador for WABLE, a dating app for neurodivergent people to make connections, find friends and perhaps love. I have my own podcast Mr A+ to entertain people and in my daily life, work out at a gym three days a week, pursue my passions (e.g. eating out, practising voices at home, building models, nature walks and meditation) and live life to the fullest. When I’m performing, that is when I reach my full potential.

My passions and interests include:

  1. Film, television and animation buff
  2. Railway enthusiast
  3. Avid nature and animal lover
  4. Cheese connoisseur
  5. Passionate actor
  6. Lover of travelling and socialising
  7. Spirituality

How are you feeling with the release of Austin?

I am feeling very happy with the feedback following the show’s launch and am very proud of the show itself. I was hoping from the start that everyone would love it and cannot be any more grateful for the public’s reaction to the work we have done on AUSTIN.

From Love on the Spectrum to Austin, what’s the biggest difference between reality TV and scripted?

The difference between reality TV and scripted TV is very simple. Reality TV is real life with nothing fictional and no scripts. Love on the Spectrum for example is reality, I was just being myself. AUSTIN is an example of a scripted show because it’s fictional and I was playing a character. Scripted shows are fictional and involve acting. Reality TV doesn’t require acting or scripts.

What do you love about acting? 

What I love about acting is that I get the chance to make people laugh alongside an amazing cast and crew. Acting allows me to learn new things, make new friends and unlock my full potential in life. It is part of who I am and fulfills my two missions in life – making people laugh and changing the world to make it a better place for neurodiverse people.

Did you ever see yourself getting into acting?

That answer is very obvious. I have always seen myself becoming an actor from a very young age. I wasn’t sure how I would get the chance but I decided if I did, I would take it and NEVER let it go. I did have a Plan B prior to becoming an actor as a former blue collar worker with experience working in kitchen manufacturing. Now that I’m an actor, I don’t look back on my past but I still enjoy working with my hands.

What’s next for Michael?

I’m enjoying life as it is at the moment! There are a few projects in the pipeline but I can’t reveal too much yet. Stay tuned.

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