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Cinnamon (A Dedication to the Girl I Saw in Passing)

Poem by Natalie Williams // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet 

Poem by Natalie Williams // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet 

Your eyes shine bright like the colours of a blinking sun on a cloudless summer day

Your long hair the ever-changing shades of autumn

Your company brings the warmth and cosiness of a winter fire

Your personality and soul, a blooming flower, sprouting its beauty in spring

Your voice is the echo I hear in a seashell

Your smile is a sunrise after the darkest night

The twinkle in your eyes when you see a child flying a kite, or you find a meadow of flowers reminds me of the stars in the night sky

How long I’ve waited for that light to reach me and it’s finally arrived

You smell like cinnamon and Christmas and taste like love at first sight

Kissing you is like drinking hot chocolate for the first time

Mixed with marshmallow swirl

Your heart so pure, beats for adventure

And you take my hand in yours, we run into the gorgeous forest of your world

Picking roses and plucking petals off daisies

I say to myself as I watch your eyes and smile grow

I love you so

Leanne Surfleet

Leanne Surfleet is a photographer from and currently living in a small town in the UK. For the past 5+ years, Leanne has been shooting mainly self-portraits which has been a way of dealing with a lot of anxieties and facing the idea of her own mortality. Leanne says that “photography can often be a kind of therapy.” You can see her work on her websiteFlickr, & Facebook.

Natalie Williams

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