MEET: Hayley

Interview and photographs of Hayley by Jessie Li // I grew up wanting to be a marine biologist (like half the kids in Florida honestly). I championed manatee rights as a fifth grader with little petitions I’d force my classmates to sign and started a Save the Manatee Club at my high school. So from the start, I’ve had this concern for the environment and for our oceans tapped into the front of my head.

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MY RECORD COLLECTION: Ainslie Wills – ‘Sometimes we’re up sometimes we’re down…a collection of albums for the undulating feels that life brings us.’

Writing by Molly Mckew // We are fairly obsessed with Ainslie Wills’ single ‘Fear of Missing Out’, and can’t wait for her sophomore album ‘All You Have is All You Need’ to be released this week. Ramona mag were lucky enough to get inside Ainslie’s record collection to discover Wills’ top five ‘albums for the undulating feels that life brings us.’

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Q&A: Ahead of her Melbourne tour, we chat to New Orleans art-jazz-pop singer Sasha Masakowski

Writing by Molly Mckew // Sasha Masakowski hails from New Orleans, and is bringing her brand of playful pop-jazz to Melbourne this week, where she will do a run of shows at the intimate Birds Basement. Sasha has just released her new album Art Market, which she recorded with a band of talented musos from her home town. Ramona were excited to speak to this uber-cool pop-jazz mastermind, grilling her about her upbringing, her musical heroes, and what to expect from her new album.

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Meybis Ruiz

Meybis Ruiz is a Berlin-based illustrator, with a great love for graphic design, typography and visual arts in general. She specialises in portraiture and character design, drawing inspiration from beloved works of literature, movies, tv, and observations from everyday life. She mainly works in digital 2D, though she loves to explore other mediums and techniques, like clay sculpting or gouache painting, as they enrich and  breathe into her work.

You can find her at:




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Interview of Devanshi by Richa Gupta // A very close and wise friend of mine once told me that advice is perhaps only useful for the person who gives it. And I do believe that. But I want to tell every girl out there that I am there for her, that I believe her, and that there is nothing in the world women can’t conquer.

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