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How To Get Over Heartbreak

Writing by Jacqui Lumsden

I wanted to share my favourite tips for getting over heartbreak with you – because I know, we’ve all been there. The truth is, the only way to heal is TIME (ew, boring). Never fear – I have curated a little list of things that might take the sting out a bit while you’re waiting. Some of these are cliche, some of these are personal to me, hopefully at least one of them will resonate with you. I write songs, not articles. But there’s a first time for everything. Which brings me nicely into tip number 1…

Tip 1: No time to pine! Throw yourself into your hobbies. If you don’t have any hobbies, start one! I suggest cooking, pilates, or book club. I’d avoid anything crafty such as knitting. The supplies are hideously expensive and you’ll never wear the fugly scarf that took you 6 weeks to make.

Tip 2: Open ears, open mind! Explore new musical genres that you’ve never listened to before. If you keep listening to your usual catalogue of artists, you’re bound to come across a million songs that remind you of the person you’re trying to forget. Create new memories with some new tunes and embrace a bangin’ new era.

Tip 3: Slay all day! Try to be your best self every day. Or at least make an attempt. This one is actually wildly challenging if you’re in a bad funk. I’m hoping I don’t come across like those people who tell you to drink some water and go for a jog to cure your depression. That’s not what I’m going for. I’m just sayin’, when I’m feeling a little blue, it helps me personally to put on an outfit every day that makes me feel good, make my bed or write some lyrics in a journal. These are just the little things that give me a sense of accomplishment every day. Find out what those things are for yourself and slay.

Tip 4: Activate Lizzo Mode! This tip is for musicians so if that’s not you, I’m sorry – I’m running out of ideas. Write something upbeat for once! As songwriters we have to constantly mine our past trauma for good writing fodder. That’s normal and great but sometimes a bit of a drainer. My challenge for you is, if you’ve written that same heartbreak song four times over- mix it up! Find your favourite upbeat song, rip off the chords and write something new. Often when I try this exercise I end up changing the chords down the line anyway as new melodic ideas pop into my head, but it’s great to give yourself a springboard. If you’re not shaking your butt by the end, you’re doing it wrong! Just kidding. There’s no wrong way to do this. Just have fun.

Tip 5: Drama, drama, drama! Pick a Real Housewives franchise and get lost in the outfits and drama. You’ll forget all about that broken heart of yours while you’re watching wealthy socialites on explosive girls trips, throwing drinks or trying to outrun the FBI while they’re being arrested for defrauding the elderly (if you know, you know). My favourites are Salt Lake City, Potomac and Beverly Hills.

Use the acronym NO SAD to remember these for when you need them. Good luck!

Xoxo Jacqui

Jacqui Lumsden

Jacqui Lumsden is a pop musician based in Melbourne, Australia. Her new single CLOSER is out now.

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