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Poem and photograph by Kaitlyn Lafferty

Poem and photograph by Kaitlyn Lafferty


I remember lying

in littoral sunrise

pastel pink ribbons cashing

your humming breakers

we lay softly surrounding

warmly our bare chests flooding

in early morning light

only then

upon standing

on buckling legs

again knee deep

drowning in heavy chests

vast swallowed bogs

i reverted with fearful longing

to ignoring a heart apart

i stood at shore

wrapping still space in

quiet callings

sparse and incomplete

baring vastness

of the sea

on sorry shoulders

on sorry knees

Kaitlyn Lafferty

Kaitlyn Lafferty is a gallery host at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, CO. She writes and sells a really personal perzine called perpetual ambivalence about her misadventures and wonderment with all things life. Right now, she attends community college of Denver, working towards becoming a geologist. Outside of work and school, she is an artivist and organizer with a focus on energy justice and reclaiming emotions. She is passionate about nature, art and all the small beauties of living. If she could be any color at this point in her life, it would be a delicate shade of pastel salmon. Keep up with Kaitlyn on Facebook & Etsy.

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