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Poem by Olivia Hart // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet

Poem by Olivia Hart // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet 



Make your role models out

of scrap paper,

ignore the protrusions of unkempt modesty

look instead

for their sharp witted blades.


Shape them with a feminine

touch and fill their black

holed void with words,

dream them up;

destruction and untapped power


They are you.




We made too many words.


So many can be used for hate

too many can be used to put

me in a box.


But I can describe the stars.


They float a thousand miles from me

and illuminate my pasty skin

they burn and shimmer like I do

and live a mortal life.


In all this wonderment

with all these spoken sounds

don’t forget to listen to

what is not said.




I met a boy in Paris

he took me to a gig

we rode the train and

ran from rain and then

we shared a kiss.


I met a boy in London

he said he was from France

we danced all night

but I got shy and made

up the romance.


I met a boy in Spain

who said I was a star

I’d never felt so wonderful

I wrote it down

for my memoir.

Olivia Hart

Olivia Hart is the Creative Writing Editor of Ramona Magazine for Girls. She is a Melbournian by locale but hails from sunny North Queensland. Olivia has a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and Film Theory and hopes to combine the two and become a film-making novelist someday soon.

Leanne Surfleet

Leanne Surfleet is a photographer from and currently living in a small town in the UK. For the past 5+ years, Leanne has been shooting mainly self-portraits which has been a way of dealing with a lot of anxieties and facing the idea of her own mortality. Leanne says that “photography can often be a kind of therapy.” You can see her work on her websiteFlickr, & Facebook.

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