Open Me Up

follow url Poem by Zadie McCracken //Photograph by Lais Azevedo

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source link Open me up, etch me out.


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Open me up, etch me out.

Do you feel hollow yet?

It’ll get you someday.


There are constellations and hexagons and cracks in the sun-baked earth.


I wish I was




I wish I was a machine.

Open me up, etch me out.

I am tired but will not sleep

I am desperate but will not speak.

You cut my throat out.

Zadie McCracken

Zadie McCracken is a fifteen-year-old writer who currently resides in Melbourne and attends high school there.

Raised by artists, and named after a writer, she has always had a deep passion for the arts, and from a  young age wanted to be a writer. In 2009, Zadie won The Young Author’s Award for her school, and in 2016 she was shortlisted for the Somerset National Novella Writing Competition, the youngest of the finalists.

As well as writing, Zadie enjoys reading, watching films and TV shows, listening to music, swimming and spending time with friends. She values independence, is passionately interested in human rights and loves having fun. She can usually be found doodling in her margins at school, scribbling ideas into her hand, hanging out with friends, or working on some new project in her room, under multi-coloured fairy lights.

You can follow Zadie on Instagram @simply.z

Lais Azevedo

Lais Azevedo is a 24 year old Brazilian, addicted to coffee, sunny days, and photography.
You can follow Lais on Instagram: @laazevedo, check out her Facebook and her Website!

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