Poem by Haylee Penfold // Photograph by Lais Azevedo

When I think of you,

I think of a rainy day.

Eventually, the warmth fades

And the seasons change.

At one point,

You kept me safe inside.

But, you were rain

that always had a storm

that followed close.

We both came baring risks,

It was as if I was a drought and

you were the last drop of water-

but you never offered what I needed most.

People will still say

they see a part of you,

when they look at me.


I’ve never quite known

What exactly to say to that.


They only thing I see of you,

In myself,

Is when the rain drops

fall from my eyelids.

I used to love rainy days,

But now I live for sunshine.


Lais Azevedo

Lais Azevedo is a 24 year old Brazilian, addicted to coffee, sunny days, and photography.
You can follow Lais on Instagram: @laazevedo, check out her Facebook and her Website!

Haylee Penfold

Haylee Penfold is a bubbly eighteen year old from beachside Newcastle, Australia. She’s a passionate bookworm, blogger, and pursuing writer who strongly enjoys the taste of pizza and the sight of kittens– also a strong believer in chicken wraps over thigh gaps. Follow Haylee on Instagram and her blog.

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