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Poem by Claire Wastell // Photograph by Paolo Barretta

Poem by Claire Wastell // Photograph by Paolo Barretta

I remember when you came and saw me,

When I was sick and couldn’t move.

We lay down and looked out over the huge city

And pointed out our dreams

Pretending the florescent lights and hurrying doctors didn’t exist

Pretending that the world was waiting and I was ready

I would rest my head on your shoulder

And you would smile and say something stupid

I would laugh away the tears that rested behind my tired eyes

I would pretend to have the strength to be the girl

You want me to be.

You would see only the best of me but that person was fading away.

When you left you said you would sneak me away,

And in the black night you would stand outside my window,

After a long day’s work

And look up to my little light in that tiny room

Where I passed the days wasting away inside

You promised to come rescue me

I didn’t need to love you

To be in love at that moment.

Claire Wastell

Claire is 18 years old and is from Melbourne, Australia.  Her favourite colour is the blue of the ocean, she loves the smell of hot chips in winter, and she tells all her friends they are amazing no matter what.

Paolo Barretta

Paolo Barretta is a 23 year old Italian photographer based in Bologna. He grew up close to the sea trying to understand who he was until it became a relevant part of him. That’s why ‘I am Winter’ is his pseudonym: because of the coldness he used to feel on the skin looking at it for covering the thoughts. He’s the kind of person who’s looking for a way and it doesn’t matter where it could take him, because the only reason he cares is about the gradient. Follow Paolo on Instagram @iamwinter

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