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Books are Man’s Best Friend

Poem by Kritika Singh Bisen // Photograph by Stefania Papagni

Poem by Kritika Singh Bisen // Photograph by Stefania Papagni

CONTENT WARNING: Explicit content, mention of rape

Because books are man’s best friend

And diamonds are women’s

Our pussies, meant to be grabbed

And their dicks meant to be sucked; by us

A diamond shining on the ring of woman’s hand

Slides gently down the leg of her velvet skirt

Her skirts sits knee-length because she is a modern woman

But also because mini skirts make women whores

A shorter skirt Oh! She is asking for it

While boxer shorts make men trendsetters

Because men are the intelligent ones you know


Who deserves books?

Who is free to pull their penis out to pee

On one of those walls

While women who share images of their breasts

Are banned on Instagram

Because peeing in public

Is more important than breast cancer awareness

A girl on Instagram has 10K followers

Obviously, it’s given because she is a girl

A popular person followed her?

Obviously, she is hot af!

While men work hard to build the content

For 1K followers

Oh! The struggles of intelligent people

Because men are the intelligent ones you know


Two bleeding wounds on a woman’s hand

Such a little price she pays to get that diamond

While the men work their asses off

Doing jobs women aren’t allowed to

To get her a diamond

Of course,

They are the intelligent ones

Bread earners

Studying day and night

While a woman should just have a pretty face

To take all that her husband holds

Oh! Wait she is not just a sex machine

Where do you think all the kids come from?

A girl? And her birth?

Let’s punish the woman for carrying such eggs

Man’s sperm has nothing to do with this

Because surely, men are the intelligent ones?


A few years ago,

I received a beautiful text


“A beautiful woman doesn’t have to study hard and work all day to earn the luxurious life because there is a passionate man already doing it for her.”

What a thoughtful message

I’d decided

They shame sex workers

But they keep at least one in their own mansion

Legally with a government approval,

Parent’s approval

And with the blessings of all the relatives

And pundits

Because they are the intelligent ones you know.


They can’t rape their wives

What? Rape wives?

If a woman is married she has already consented

For sex, whenever her husband asks for it

didn’t she say “I do.”

What does a lady do for her best friend?

Such a small game

Can’t you see?

A woman, just being a woman gets her all the diamonds

Because men are the intelligent ones, you know.


Horny, dear saintly men

They don’t abuse girls

It’s how they bless her

Abuse? Who? Men?


She was lingering around

With her tits showing

Asking the men

To grab her

Men can never be wrong

If, the girl is raped

She has the right to feel ashamed

Brilliant. Marry the rapist

Get all the honour

He can never do you wrong

Because men are the intelligent ones, you know.


Intelligent ones who most definitely own books,

yes, we all know.

Kritika Singh Bisen

Kritika Singh Bisen is from India, she is 19 years old and currently undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. She loves reading Sylvia Plath and believes poetry is a power that which comes very naturally to her. She Intends to one day become a travel journalist.

Instagram: @kritikasinghbisen


Stefania Papagni

Flickr // Facebook

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