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Top Tips For Fashion Students

Writing by Dr Rachel Matthews // Be a stylish magpie – create mash-ups, hybrids and fantastical combinations that nobody else can. Look in unexpected places for inspirations and references.

Writing by Dr Rachel Matthews

Australian independent tertiary college, Collarts is thrilled to announce their latest creative course with the new Bachelor of Applied Business (Fashion Marketing) degree now taking applications for 2018. After acquiring the Mercer School of Interior Design in early 2017, Collarts has continued to expand its range of diplomas and degrees across multiple streams including music, entertainment, creative content, and design, now with the new Fashion Marketing Degree at their Collingwood campus slotting in seamlessly to complete their rapidly evolving creative disciplines.

Established primarily for those seeking careers in the areas of fashion styling, event management, marketing, and business, the Bachelor of Applied Business Fashion Marketing at Collarts equips students with comprehensive industry knowledge and hands-on workplace experience so that they are career-ready upon completion of the two-year course.

Lead by accomplished fashion educator Dr. Rachel Matthews, students will be mentored by field experts currently working for established brands, fashion houses and agencies to immerse themselves in all areas of fashion business and gain real-life workplace experience through Collarts’ leading industry partnerships.

Have an opinion (or opinions!)

Think about fashion 360 degrees – get informed about the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of fashion. With an in-depth understanding of your subject, you can form well founded opinions. This will allow you to get much more from your studies, have more interesting and engaging conversations with your friends and find your direction more readily. And remember – when new information comes to light, you are allowed to adjust / change your opinions too.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up

Be a stylish magpie – create mash-ups, hybrids and fantastical combinations that nobody else can. Look in unexpected places for inspirations and references. Go back in time to study your ancestors, travel into the future to another galaxy, consider how a scientific experiment or stamp collections could inspire your next fashion concept.

Find new ways to express yourself

Instagram stories and Snapchat are great for certain forms of creative expression, but let’s face it, for those who really like to innovate there are many other approaches. Move your current creative projects away from technology and use some old school techniques like scrap-booking, flower arranging or cake decorating to make your point.

…if that’s not your thing, think about hand-embellishing a skateboard, or creating protest placards?

See change as an opportunity not a threat

Fashion is all about change – silhouettes, colours, seasons, but also the who, what and why of fashion. This is what I love about working in this field as there is always something new to discover and a new perspective on style. For anyone working in fashion, it’s important to see change as an opportunity to challenge yourself and flex your creative muscles.

Cooperate and collaborate

Sometimes you need to be alone to get the creative process happening – sometimes it is improved and enhanced by working with others. Don’t be afraid to join forces with others and collaborate on creative projects, great things can happen.

(Images of from my collaborations with fashion label Little Tailleur. Fashion Lexicon X Little Tailleur t-shirts)


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