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Poem by Clara Ortega // Photograph by Marat Safin

Poem by Clara Ortega // Photograph by Marat Safin


Be an applied student,

It doesn’t teach that the princes of Disney don’t exist


  1. LOVE

Neither you are so mine

Neither I so you

I’m as much as myself.




With you. Better to be wi-th or maybe better toge-ther.



Creativity is shaking the minds that surround us.

Creativity is curiosity,

the basis of having a vital interest to be oneself.

To live as one wants, to love without control,

to fuck every weekend.

Now is the time to feel free.

When feeling there is no time for anything, it is time,

to dare everything.


  1. SHE

She, who has the pedal to brake.

She, who has so much power to be able to speak with her most warlike weapons.

She, who prefers to stop being a princess so she can fight with all her strength.


Clara Ortega

Clara Ortega, 22 years old. Spain (Girona).

Clara studied PR and Advertising in Girona, Màlaga and Beijing. She loves arts, especially writing and photography. She believes that arts can change the world and we need to take art in schools and universities to train the future artists and change the world.

Marat Safin

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