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Poems by Elizabeth Axley // Photograph by Arianna Ceccarelli

Poems by Elizabeth Axley // Photograph by Arianna Ceccarelli

self love-d.


In cotton, clothes that cling to curves

hip hanging, stomach bearing

Praising my own figure like michelangelo to his statues

sculpted bodies with rounded breasts, womanly attributes

Sweaters with gaps perfect for fingers to slide through

touching my warm skin, open for praise

tugging at me, lifting me


one sentence poems

r.i.p. to my body but not to my soul, i am half temporal half eternal.


one sentence poems

every time someone looks at me, they are calling me ugly in their eyes and in mine.


one sentence poems

i told them i was sick in the head so they prescribed me medicine that makes me suicidal.


one sentence poems

i am falling asleep in my dreams but then my teeth fall out and i wake up twice.


to mommas

i realise that i am a woman

that my belly has room for more than just

good eatin’s and red wine

I am a carrier of love

a burden-er of bodies

the curled up bones and wrapped muscles

are not just my own


i have love created from the harsh pavement I was thrown on

red scuffs and blue bruises are my testament to you

the way my own father closed the door on me

when he saw what I had become by the absence of love

but for you, my dear


on the days that you are unable to breath

your miniature chest heaving dryly

I put my mouth to your turned up nose

and exhale so you can can inhale

and my lips will roam your warm forehead

placing wet reminders of my love to you

my love created in the creation of you

Elizabeth Axley

Elizabeth Axley is a full-time student at Liberty University. On the daily, she deals with mental illness and the after affects of trauma. To cope, she writes poetry, paints, sews, and advocates against mental illnesses stigmas. She is a Cinematic Arts major and hopes to direct someday. Elizabeth is a strong feminist and believes women are powerful, beautiful creatures and tries to portray that in her writing and other art forms. She can be followed on Instagram @Lizz.Liz.Lizz and emailed at

Arianna Ceccarelli

Arianna Ceccarelli is a 21 years old Italian girl who live in Rome. She’s been taking photos for 4 years and loves portrait, fashion, and conceptual photography. Follow her on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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