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Writing by Bindiya Bijo // Illustration by Lola Dunham

Writing by Bindiya Bijo // Illustration by Lola Dunham

you tell me that I am glowing

you ask me what I have changed,

you ask me to share the secret.

“what is this magic concoction?” You ask


yes, I agree, I have changed.

but I am sorry,

I cannot share this with you.

for it is mine,

you cannot buy this on the shelves

there is no brand, no price.


grind the leaves, and mix in liquids,

poisons, and serums,

mix it all in a cauldron,

pour it all over yourself.

But you still won’t have my magic concoction.


For what has changed is my grit,

I am no longer ashamed.

that glow you see

it is from the inside.

it runs through my veins,

lights a fire to my soul,

what you see are those flames.

that golden glow.


for this fire you see,

it has engulfed me.

you can try your hardest,

but you cannot tame this fire,

you cannot blow it out with your words,

or cover it with your magic potions.


I am





Bindiya Bijo

Bindiya is a political science student at The ANU in Canberra, Australia. She describes overconfidence as her mantra to life, even if that means diverting from a recipe or ignoring the GPS. Bindiya also credits her struggles with vocalising emotions as the source of these occasional bursts of creativity.

You can find her on Instagram @bindiyabijo

Lola Dunham

Keep up with Lola’s artwork on Flickr, Instagram, and her website.

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