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Falling In Love One Inch At A Time

Prose by Priyanka Hasija // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc


Prose by Priyanka Hasija // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc

I’m standing in front of the mirror and staring at my reflection.

Chubby cheeks, flabby arms, thunder thighs and a comfortable belly.

I raid my wardrobe to find a beautiful dress. By a beautiful dress, I mean a dress in which I look thin and pretty.

Thin and pretty. I have heard those two words together so many times, I almost believe they are synonyms.

I sigh. Another day of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

I repeat the same thing every morning.

My mirror detests seeing my grumpy face, my wardrobe is now filled with clothes that cover me completely and I shy away from the camera almost all the time.

Until I break.

It’s 2 am and I’m crying with a carton of ice cream safe on my thighs.

I want to rip out my skin and feel free.

I break in ways I never thought I could.

Self-hatred can make you depressed. It can make you feel trapped. It can make you feel like you don’t deserve a place in this world.

Every person has that one moment when they decide to finally quit whatever is harming them. That one moment might be fleeting but the impact is long-lasting.

That moment arrived when I was feeling my worst and I knew I had to heal.

It took time.

I started looking at myself with a smile.

I finally gave myself a good look and realised how beautiful I really was.

The same body I had detested became the body I started worshiping.

I liked my curves and wore all my favourite dresses to flaunt them.

I started taking care of myself.

And what I realised completely left me surprised.

My beauty had always been there. The negativity had blinded my eyes. There was nothing wrong with the way I was.

It did take months to reach this stage but I still thank that night.

Today I am comfortable in my skin and I proudly call myself beautiful.

Go ahead and fall for yourself.

Beauty is so much more than a size.

Society defined what beauty is but now we shall show society that one word can have many definitions.

I’m a girl with curves and I’m beautiful.

Just like you. Just like every other girl.

Embrace yourself.

Priyanka Hasija

Priyanka Hasija was born with a love for words. She is 20 and pursuing media studies. When she isn’t writing, she teaches creative writing to kids. She gets along with cats and is always up for a cup of coffee. She is the happiest with a book in her hand.

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Clemence Leclerc

Clemence Leclerc is a young French photographer. She is 18 and catches the beauty of people and little moments of life with her camera. She considers photography as a therapy to accept ourselves and tries to make people feel better about themselves by photographing them. Follow her work on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube.

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